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Relationship Counselling and Sex Therapy for individuals and couples in South & South East London and Worcestershire. Covering Dulwich, Camberwell, Forest Hill, Lewisham, Clapham

Counselling for Couples

Couple counselling focuses on the relationship between two partners. The counsellor aims to help partners gain insight into the way they feel and behave toward one another. By increasing understanding of how their partnership works, the counselling seeks to enable each couple to recognize problems and work together to effect change.

The counsellor offers a safe, neutral setting which enables you to explore complex and sometimes painful or distressing issues in a contained and constructive way.The ARC counsellor knows that confronting issues is a difficult task, and that partners may have different feelings and expectations.

The counsellor does not offer advice or tell you what to do, but is working to help you find your own solutions for your particular dilemmas and circumstances.

About Us

ARC is a select group of experienced RELATE and London Marriage Guidance trained professional relationship counsellors working in South East London.

ARC was founded in 1995 by a small group of skilled practitioners with advanced qualifications in psychodynamic marital and couple counselling. Since 1995 ARC has conducted more than eight thousand counselling sessions and counselled more than five hundred couples and individuals

ARC remains a small group of experienced counsellor committed to the quality of relationship counselling it provides. ARC counsellors are required to have regular supervision of their work, to meet regularly with their colleagues and to be involved in continuing professional development.

ARC counsellors all belong to the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and subscribe fully to the BACP Code of Ethics and Practice. Psychosexual therapists are members of the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists and subscribe fully to the COSRT Code of Ethics and Practice.


ARC is a specialist relationship counselling service, offering three different types of relationship counselling:

  • Couple Counselling, which both partners in a relationship attend.
  • Individual Counselling and Therapy, which one person attends in order to work on issues to do with being in a particular relationship, or relationships in general
  • Psychosexual Counselling and Sex Therapy, which can be attended by a couple or an individual wishing to work on issues specifically to do with sexual functioning.

ARC was established to provide a relationship counselling service to people living in and working in South and South East London

ARC is particularly aware that juggling the responsibility of jobs, family and social life means being able to be seen for counselling fairly close to home, at a convenient time, is crucial. For this reason ARC counsellors offer sessions on weekday evenings, Saturday mornings and before 9am, as well as during usual working hours, at a variety of locations.

ARC is aware that you may have an unpredictable schedule - for instance, may travel for work or work shifts - and therefore need more flexible appointment times. ARC is also aware that once you have reached the decision to seek counselling, you do not want to have to wait. ARC responds quickly and sympathetically to requests for counselling and you can expect to be seen by a counsellor as soon as you wish to attend.

Counsellor will generally expect to see you and you partner, or just yourself if you are attending on you own, once a week at an agreed time for a session that lasts 50 minutes. This means that you can plan for the session and count on the availability of your counsellor. The counsellor is reliable and dependable, and will always give advance notice of any breaks or holidays. It is very rare for the counsellor to cancel session or change session times at short notice.

Your counsellor will be experienced at providing a safe and secure environment. The ARC counsellor is knowledgeable about other services and will be able to make referrals to other professionals or agencies if necessary.

Contact Us

For availability, fees and booking please open the individual counsellor's pages.


Covid restrictions: as there is a continuing changing picture, it would be advisable to check with each of us as to how we are working currently, online or face-to-face.

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